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We need you!

With your support you will become an essential part of the bridge und you will help the children to form a better future for themselves. More than 300 orphans, half-orphans and children with disabilities belong to the OurBridge-family. Each one of them has a sponsor in Germany who supports them financially.

Here, you will find all necessary information about guardianships, donations and sponsors




Become a Sponsor

A better future – that is our promise to the children who lost their parents and families due to the terror of the Islamic State. As a sponsor you pay the monthly cost in the amount of 30 euros for one child. By that you enable the child’s protection, meals and care in the Our Bridge education programme.




Where do the children come from?

Our Bridge e.V. registers orphaned children and children with disabilities in refugee camps and villages around Khanke in northern Iraq. Most of them fled from Shingal (Iraq) or Syria in 2014, or were released from captivity of the Islamic State. They are recorded in our database and receive ID cards with a passport photo and an identification number. According to their need for help, we enter the children in waiting lists. With the completion of a sponsorship, a new child can be included in the Our Bridge programme.


What is my job as a sponsor?

A sponsorship registration automatically assigns you a sponsored child. For this child, you will pay the monthly cost of 30 euros and give it a future in the Our Bridge education programme, where it is protected and looked after.

You will receive all the information about your child by logging in here. You can also contact your sponsored child through a WhatsApp number.
In case of any further queries please contact:





Sponsors and Partners


Dear sponsors and partners,

helping people is a matter of the heart. It not only makes you happy, it makes the world a little better. Therefore, we would like to thank all our sponsors and partners. Together we can give children in Northern Iraq a perspective.


We are determined to look to the future - eager to build the bridge and develop further projects. As a sponsor or partner you can support us. With regular financial or material help, your business becomes a family member of Our Bridge. We would be delighted!








Social Internship

please send your application documents to





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