New year, new luck: changes in the orphanage Harman

New Year, New Happiness: Changes at Harman Orphanage

Dear supporters,

Hopefully you all had a good start into the new year. In the orphanage Harman was celebrated extensively and welcomed the new year.

As announced in the last newsletter, we have some news to announce.
From February 2018, Harman Orphanage will be enriched with an activity program for women and orphans. Members of our sponsorship program and the residents inside the orphanage will be the participants. In particular, the women who live at Harman Orphanage will play important roles by assisting with classes and being responsible for preparing over 250 meals for staff, residents and class participants. Helping people to help themselves is the motto. We don't just want to keep the women busy, we want to empower you through our diverse offerings and show you perspectives for the future.
We are refurnishing the rooms and will then have two classrooms, a sewing and knitting room and a large kitchen for the women and a craft room, sewing and knitting class room, play and Lego room for the children. In addition, a reading corner with carpets and cushions will be set up in the foyer where people can read and read aloud.
We are also expanding our offerings in the outdoor area. We will offer bread baking and gardening, and for this we will equip the roof with plants, beds and seating to create a retreat for women.
A playground will be built on the left open space and the right side will be leveled and turned into a soccer field. In addition, the parking lot will be concreted and converted to a basketball court.
A bicycle repair shop will be built on the edge of the playground.

Support the remodeling

We are in urgent need of donations for the remodeling work.

Bank details:
Name: Our Bridge
Bank: LZO
IBAN: DE77 28050100 0091247536

Activity Programm

We will start the Activity Program with about 200 participants and then scale up.
Instead of simply paying out the sponsorship fee each month, we invest in education, healthy meals and pay a small bonus as motivation for each day the child/woman participates in the course program. People in need who do not live in Xhanke and therefore cannot participate in the project will continue to receive financial support until July 2018. People who suffer from a disability or cannot participate in the educational program for other reasons will continue to receive financial support.

Overview of the planned course program + list of requirements



-Painting and craft course
-Fun & games for the little ones
-Reading and reading aloud
-Gymnastics and relaxation
-Children's games and singing in a circle
-Building with Lego under guidance
-Bicycle workshop
-Sports outside
-Gardening and carving
-Homework supervision/ tutoring 


-Sewing and knitting class
-Cooking and baking course
-'Life skills' + economics
-Literacy course
-Mathematics for beginners
-Yezidi/Kurdish culture and history
-Baking and gardening (from spring)

We will send a truck with the needed material to Kurdistan at the end of January.
Please help us to organize the needed things as cheap as possible.
Enclosed you will find a list with the needed material.
Contact us via Facebook or by mail to discuss everything else.
Monetary donations are also possible:

Our Bridge Sponsorship

We have also expanded our 'sponsorship repertoire' with the new Our Bridge sponsorship.  We need your help for the running costs of the Harman Orphanage. While we do receive some humanitarian aid deliveries of basic food items, we want to provide three full and balanced meals and an afternoon snack (fruit/ vegetables or pastries+ tea/ juice).
Become an Our Bridge sponsor now and help us with 23 Euro per month to finance the food supply for the residents and the costs like electricity, water etc. for the orphanage Harman.
If everyone makes a small contribution we can achieve great things.
Of course we are also happy about individual donations.
Thank you very much for your support.

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