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The work of Our Bridge in the Corona crisis

Eine Frau näht eine Corona-Schutzmaske an der Nähmaschine

Despite the Corona crisis, we are doing everything we can to continue our work as well, quickly and reliably as possible. At the same time, we are helping to prevent the spread of the corona virus in the crisis areas of the autonomous region of Kurdistan. In doing so, we are providing on-the-ground support to those who are particularly affected by the corona crisis: The poorest of the poor. Current information about the work of Our Bridge in the Corona crisis at a glance...


Can Our Bridge work despite the Corona crisis?

Yes, we continue to work during the Corona crisis. On the ground, of course, we continue to care for the children and widows in our orphanage, Harman. We also care for the
families from the Our Bridge program. For this we are especially active in the UN camps in Khanke, Sharys and Zaxo.


How does Our Bridge work in the Corona crisis?

The Our Bridge team is also working in the Corona crisis on the ground in the Kurdish autonomous region and from Germany. Of course, the crisis also presents us with special challenges. The number of team members on the ground is lower than usual. An entry ban does not allow us at the moment to have more staff from Germany to strengthen the team on the ground. All the more tirelessly all volunteers from Germany are working to ensure that the urgently needed help reaches the children, widows and families on the ground in the Shengal region.


What is Our Bridge doing in the Corona crisis?

Our Bridge is making an important contribution to supporting the poorest of the poor with its emergency aid on the ground. Our most urgent tasks are to protect the local people from the pandemic. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus especially in our orphanage Harman and in the UN camps we are doing:

  • Education and prevention
  • Emergency aid and protection
  • Health care
  • Child protection
  • Psychosocial care


What does the educational work about the Corona pandemic look like in concrete terms?

At short notice, we organized an information day for the families from the Our Bridge program at our facility in Khanke. We informed young and old about Covid-19 and hygiene rules. With special permission, our team was also able to visit families in the camps and provide on-site education.


How can I support Our Bridge's work in the Corona crisis?

Especially during the Corona Crisis, we need your support to provide basic services to families. Our Bridge supports the children in the Harmann and the refugee families
in the UN camps with hygiene kits and food. With your help, we can add more families to the Our Bridge program. With a donation for our emergency aid you can provide one-time or permanent help. You can also become a sponsor and help protect an orphan in the Corona crisis. As a sponsor, you also provide a needy child with a future of shelter and education at Harman.


How do I reach my sponsored child in the Corona Crisis?

As a sponsor, you can still reach your sponsored child during the Corona crisis via the instant messaging service WhatsApp. All godparents have the unrestricted possibility to contact us via our Our Bridge WhatsApp number. We will make contact or send photos and videos to you as a sponsor.


How is coronavirus spread in the Kurdistan Autonomous Region?

Coronavirus has reached the Kurdistan Autonomous Region around the same time as Germany. There are confirmed coronavirus cases especially in the cities of Erbil and Slemani.


How is the spread of coronavirus being combated in the Kurdistan Autonomous Region?

There is great concern about the spread. The government has imposed a curfew to prevent spread. Travel between regions is banned. Driving in cities is also not allowed. All government offices and public facilities, prayer rooms and restaurants are closed. Our school is also closed.

One person per household per day is allowed to stay outside his accommodation. For example, to go shopping in one of the open supermarkets.


How are the people in the UN camps in northern Iraq faring during the Corona crisis?

Many people in the UN camps are very scared. With our education about the corona virus, we are trying to prevent panic. Currently, there is no known case in the camps. However, no one is testing for the virus either. We hope and help so that the virus does not break out in the refugee camps. It would most likely spread rapidly with devastating effects. There is a lack of medical care. In the Khanke refugee camp alone, some 70,000 people live close together in flimsy tents. The hygienic conditions are catastrophic. For example, 50 adults and children share one toilet. Especially now in the Corona crisis there is a lack of:

  • Food
  • medical care
  • hygiene articles


Can I apply for an internship during the Corona crisis?

Due to the Corona crisis, we have had to suspend the application process for an internship at Our Bridge. The current entry ban alone makes an internship on site impossible at this time.


What is the Our Bridge project mouth masks?

In our Our Bridge Project Mouth Masks, some widows from the UN camps make mouth masks in our knitting and sewing classes. A special permit allows them to sew the masks. For this, the seamstresses in the sewing course have to keep all the necessary safety distances. We distribute the finished protective masks in the camp in Khanke and to the villagers. The widows received the training material from Germany. In the meantime, the participants have sewn more than 5000 protective masks made of cotton. Not only every child and every family from our program has received a mask. We were also able to supply police officers, doctors and local institutions with protective masks.

Eine Frau näht eine Corona-Schutzmaske an der Nähmaschine

In the Corona crisis, it shows once again that Our Bridge sewing classes at Harman are paying off.


 Eine Lehrerin von Our Bridge legt einem Jungen eine Corona-Schutzmaske an

The Our Bridge team distributes the self-sewn Corona protective masks in the UN camps, like here in the so-called 'Shuhati Camp'.

















How can I get in touch with Our Bridge during the Corona crisis?

As usual, we are here for you during the Corona crisis. If you have any questions, please send us an email to
You can still reach us by phone at 0441 21210575
Our office is open from Monday to Thursday from 10 am - 3 pm.
Feel free to use our contact form. 

What are Our Bridge's plans in case the coronavirus spreads in Khanke?

Our Bridge is making its facilities available in the event that the coronavirus continues to spread in Khanke. Our school building is currently closed. We have set up beds in the building. Doctors from Khanke and the surrounding area are ready to take care of Corona sufferers here. 
However, there is a lack of medical material and protective equipment. We have asked both the Kurdish government and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development for support. Our Bridge has offered to use our facility as a base for its own measures if needed.


Working together for better opportunities

Flexibility is needed in times of crisis. Because that is what Our Bridge stands for:
Working together to give people better opportunities. Normally, education is at the top of our priority list. But right now, our top priority is to help people live and survive. Thank you for contributing with your donation!

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