On the Day of the Environment

On the Day of the Environment, we also embarked on an impressive initiative together with our children. Alongside all the students in our school, we cleaned up the entire village from litter. Over 100 bags of trash were filled, and the village shone with renewed splendor.

For years, we have been advocating for environmental protection and sustainability. That's why we have incorporated the subject of 'Environment' firmly into our curriculum. Here, children not only learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also how to responsibly interact with nature. The environmental action on the Day of the Environment was another step in this direction.

Our children were enthusiastic and wholeheartedly collected the litter from the streets and squares of the village. Inside the school building, we also set up stations in the classrooms focusing on environmental protection. The children created artwork from recycled materials, planted flowers, and watched videos about environmental conservation. Moreover, there was an exciting quiz that brought much joy. They received support from their teachers and other adults throughout the activity. The initiative was a resounding success, leaving the village gleaming by the end of the day.

Through this, we are sending an important message for environmental protection and sustainability in Northern Iraq. The children here are not only learning for their own lives but also for the future of their region and our planet. We can only hope that many other schools in Iraq will follow this example.



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