In light of the success of a one-week photo and film exhibition in Dezember 2017 in Hamburg and the resulting donations, Our Bridge builds another two-stories building next to the main building. The new building offers another six sleeping dorms with a total of 48 beds, two bathrooms and another kitchen.

Spring of 2018, we decide to let all children and widows move from the main building to the new building and begin re-imagining all eight sleeping dorms in the main building as class rooms.

That change opens up the path to offer free school education not just to the children living in the orphanage, but to all children in the Our Bridge guardian program living in Khanke.

Additionally we invest into a school bus, picking up the children from the UN camps and the illegal camps in the morning and bringing them home in the evening. Furthermore a wooden cabin is pulled up next to main building serving as workshop for repairing old bicycles and working on wood, knitting machines are bought to offer knitting courses to widows and more teachers are employed adding to a total of 28 fully employed co-workers at the Our Bridge education program in Iraq.





The school day


The 1st of March 2018 is the first day of school of the re-imagined education program. On that day  from early morning to late afternoon 285 children take part in the program. The different classes are put together in account of age and state of learning.

The classes taught are:

Work and design
Knitting and sewing
Gehe mit der Maus über die Kurse, um Bilder zu sehen.



Our teachers


The teachers in the educational program and the caregivers in the orphanage are the heart and hand of Our Bridge.

They are friends, mentors and confidants. They are a second family.


The young team in Iraq is led by Paruar Bako (founder of Our Bridge e.V.) and Jihan Schamo (head of the education center). Currently, Our Bridge employs 27 permanent staff in the Kurdistan-Iraq region. The statutes of the association stipulate that the management of the educational program must always have a dual leadership (woman and man).


Jihan Shamo
Heads of education
Qahtan Barkat Dly
Math Teacher
Farhad Kamal Eido
Sports teacher
Rojiyan Mirza Jawzal
English teacher
Mayan Saaed Shahwan
Bassam Mirzo Qasha
Art Teacher
Saber Khidhir Khalaf
Art Teacher
Hanaa Haji Ismael
Environmental Teacher
Khasty Murad Shamo
Math Teacher
Salam Ahmad Hussain
Informatics Teacher
Alia Kamo Murad




The employment at Our Bridge should not mean a standstill for our teachers and supervisors, which is why the further education of our employees is of great concern to us. Many of them could not finish their studies because of the attacks of the Islamic State. Therefore, we support them with in-house courses and take over additional costs in case they continue their studies. In the interest of the children in particular, we want to ensure that the educational path of our teachers and caregivers is not interrupted. 
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