• Name Rayan
  • Ort Shingal

My name is Rayan and I am 13 years old. I come from Shingal and had to flee from the IS attacks together with my mother and my three siblings. My father was killed while trying to protect our village. Shortly after the escape, my mother left us. Since then, we have been living with my uncle in a tent on the side of the road. To this day, I have not heard from her. My uncle has a wife and children, so the tent we live in is very cramped. But nevertheless they take care of us very well. If I had the opportunity, I would like to go back to Shingal with my siblings. I would like to live in a real house with my uncle and my family.

We hardly have running water and rarely electricity. In the winter it is cold, in the summer the tent heats up extremely and when it rains everything is wet and mud is formed subsequently.
My name is Seve, I am eleven years old and I come from Shingal.
When Islamic State fighters attacked our villages in August 2014, we first fled to the nearby mountains. From there, we continued via Syria to Kurdistan. The others sometimes tell me about that time. I was there, but fortunately I don't remember much.
My name is Avin. I am eight years old and live with my grandma and grandpa in Shohati Camp.
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