Psychological support


“Do not put heavy blankets on your wounds, let them heal in the open. For the open wound is the place where the light enters you.”
- Rumi


All children in Our Bridges sponsorship programme come from persecuted and displaced families who have found refuge either in the UN camp, the self-built camps or in the village of Khanke. Almost half of them went through an attack by the Islamic state, the murder of family members or imprisonment. What they have experienced makes it difficult for them to trust others, to get used to new environments, to concentrate productively and to learn sustainably.

Our Bridge hopes to take the children by the hand and to be their protector and godfather. They should not bury their traumatic memories in themselves, but should be able to express and process their wounds and worries in a virtuous cycle of educational offers and the acquisition of new talents and abilities.

Bemaltes Foto


Bemaltes Foto

Psychological care in the orphanage and educational program

We are convinced that the most valuable remedy in the everyday life of the orphanage is above all our careful attention and concern for the individual. Therefore, it is very important for us to give our caregivers and teachers everything they need to work with the children. We are determined to promote the further training of caregivers and teachers and to provide them with sustainable training in the therapy of traumatised children. The majority of Our Bridges employees have themselves been displaced or have fled from war. They share the fate of the children, miss the same home, the same peace and the same childhood.




Meditation & Trust Exercises
Peace begins with oneself. Since summer 2018, we have been offering meditation and trust exercises to help the children find a way to more inner peace and to counteract anger and violence. In such courses, the children learn to control their breathing, to trust each other and to perceive their environment more attentively.

Storytelling Course
The storytelling course is designed to encourage children to deal with identity and the past, but also to convey what it means to question and search for truth. The children write, paint, photograph and conduct interviews. The first trial runs of this course have been running since winter 2017.





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