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How does a sponsorship with Our Bridge work?

We are very happy about your interest in the Our Bridge program. 
Our Bridge supports needy children, orphans and widows who are personally registered and interviewed in the program by local staff. Through the generous support of our sponsors, we are able to provide food, education, and other assistance to those in need to help them through difficult life situations.

What type of sponsorship can I take?

We currently offer two different sponsorships at Our Bridge.
With a Harman sponsorship, you support our Our Bridge program with a contribution of 21€ per month. 
With an Our Bridge sponsorship of 30€ per month you support a child registered in the program. In addition to a sponsorship certificate, you will also receive a profile and further information about your sponsored child. 

How do I take over a sponsorship?

Thank you for your willingness to support us in our mission. The sponsorships are very important for us, because only with the help of our sponsors we can provide the necessary help to the needy. Without you this would not be possible.
You can take over a sponsorship in our sponsorship portal, which you can reach via When you register, we will ask you for some personal information, such as your address, so that we can send you your sponsorship certificate and cards or thank-you letters by mail.

How can I react to complications when taking over a sponsorship?

Thank you very much for choosing to sponsor a child. In case of unexpected complications during the registration process, you can find some common problems and solutions here.
We will send you a confirmation e-mail for your registration. Didn't you get our email? Sometimes it ends up in the spam or junk folder of your email program. If you can't find it there, make sure you have entered your email address and all other information correctly. Also make sure to use a secure password for the sponsorship portal when registering. 
If you have any further questions, our team will be happy to help you via email at

What happens if I can no longer sponsor a child for financial reasons? 

Since our sponsorships are non-binding and voluntary, we do not charge you for payment. You can terminate your sponsorship at any time with effect from the next month or resume it at a later date. If it is only a one-time payment failure, the missing amount will be compensated from our donation pot.
If you want to terminate your sponsorship, please inform us by email at In this case we thank you for your previous support.

Can I make additional donations to Our Bridge or my sponsored child?

Thank you for your generosity and willingness to make a donation to Our Bridge. Because we want to ensure fair support for all children, we generally distribute additional donations equally among all children in the program. However, if you have a specific request for your donation, such as toys, hygiene items, clothing, etc., we will be happy to accommodate it!
We only accept donations in kind in exceptional cases, as the transport of goods to Iraq is very expensive. If we have goods delivered to Iraq by truck for other reasons, there will be an appeal so that interested parties are informed about this option. 

Can I sponsor more than one child?

We thank you for your support so far and are pleased about your interest in taking over further sponsorships. It is possible to increase or decrease the number of sponsorships at any time. In addition to one Harman sponsorship, you can also sponsor several Our Bridge children.

Can I choose which child I want to sponsor?

In order to ensure that all children in our program have the same opportunities and receive the same support, sponsorships are assigned anonymously by our system. Children with an acute need for help are prioritized. For this reason, it is unfortunately not possible for our sponsors to choose a specific sponsored child themselves.

Why have I been assigned a new godchild?

It can sometimes happen that a new sponsored child is assigned to you without you having done anything. This is not a cause for concern - children may leave our program due to a move, their age, or a need that no longer exists. In this case, a child registered in the program without an existing sponsorship slips in and takes over your sponsorship. You as a sponsor will of course be informed by us and can learn more about your new sponsored child in the sponsorship portal. 

Can I adopt my godchild?

Adoptions are not part of our mission at Our Bridge. Many of the children we sponsor are not orphans, but have family members with whom they live. They would not agree to an adoption or a move to, for example, Germany.

How can I get in contact with my sponsored child?

Our team is always in direct contact with the staff at our orphanage. For this purpose, the staff members on site have their own telephone. Via Whatsapp you can send personal messages to your sponsored child or make video calls. For more information, please contact us by email at

Can I visit my sponsored child on site?

We appreciate your interest in meeting your sponsored child in person. You are welcome to visit our facilities and meet your sponsored child in person. We ask that you let us know the date of your trip prior to departure so that we can assist and advise you with your travel arrangements, accommodation and other questions and plan your visit. You are welcome to discuss more details with our team via email at

When will I receive information about my sponsored child?

Our team writes an individual profile for each child in the Our Bridge program, which includes personal information and an interview with the child. After you sponsor a child and you are assigned a child, you can view your sponsored child's profile on our sponsorship portal
If there are children in the program waiting to be sponsored at the time of your registration, a child will automatically be assigned to your sponsorship and you can view the information immediately. 
Sometimes you cannot be assigned a child right away because all the children in the program already have a sponsorship. In this case, a new child must first be registered in the program or an existing sponsorship must be terminated. Thus, it may take a few days before you can find out more about your sponsored child.  

In which refugee camp does my sponsored child live?

Most of our sponsored children live in a camp near Khanke in northern Iraq. The closest town you can find on a map is Duhuk. In the individual profile of your sponsored child you can read in which camp your sponsored child lives. 
This information is available for you at any time on our sponsorship portal 

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