• Name Diyala
  • Ort Shingal, Duguri

My name is Diyala and I am 10 years old. I live in the official United Nations refugee camp in Khanke. There I live together with my parents, my three sisters and my four brothers in a tent that is actually designed for five people. We eat, sleep, play and do homework in this small tent. There are sometimes fights.

In August 2014, we suddenly saw everyone fleeing from our village. As a result, we decided to leave the village as well. The IS fighters shot at our car. My little sister was five years old at that time when she was hit by a bullet. She died immediately. I was sitting next to her. At that time, we were driving the car towards Zacho, hoping for safety there. We took shelter in a building for a short time and then moved on.

My current life is not good. My siblings and I love animals, but we are not allowed to keep animals in the camp.

 A co-worker of Our Bridge is our neighbor. That's how we found out about the organization. My siblings and I immediately registered.

This place at Our Bridge makes me happy. I can spend time with my friends there. Also, through education, I can be a good student. For my future, I wish to be able to study to become a teacher or a doctor later. I love working with people and would like to be able to help.

We hardly have running water and rarely electricity. In the winter it is cold, in the summer the tent heats up extremely and when it rains everything is wet and mud is formed subsequently.
My name is Rayan and I am 13 years old. I come from Shingal and had to flee from the IS attacks together with my mother and my three siblings.
My name is Avin. I am eight years old and live with my grandma and grandpa in Shohati Camp.
My name is Seve, I am eleven years old and I come from Shingal.
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